About Us

The Daily Scholarship (TDS) serves to merge the needs of families seeking help to pay for the exorbitant costs of education and student activities with local businesses who donate scholarships for TDS scholarship drawings.

Creating a free account on the website requires:

  1. The individual lives in the Greater Cleveland area
  2. The individual has a valid e-mail address

Some of our scholarships will be for anybody and some will require that the account holder live in a specific zip code(s) in order to enter.

All scholarship drawings are FREE. Account holder information will never be provided to any businesses by TDS without your permission. Specific businesses may require additional information which will be noted on individual scholarship pages.

How can this website help me or someone I know?

It’s simple. Local businesses award scholarships. You or someone you know gets help paying for education-related expenses.

Our scholarships can pay for lots of things, like:

  • Any college or university
  • Private school (Kindergarten through 12th grade)
  • Pre-School
  • Funding a 529
  • Summer camps and sports camps
  • Special needs education
  • Athletics (Pay-to-play or travel)
  • Past or present student loans
  • Extra curriculars
  • Continuing education classes

First, you have to join. Then, apply for scholarships. See, we told you it was simple.

Please help us by sharing this website with your friends and family.