TDS Shout Out Scholarship

TDS Shout Out Scholarship

We have had such a tremendous response that we have decided to THANK everyone by making an additional $300 scholarship available to our members.

We are calling it our “Shout Out” scholarship.

With such a positive response we really want to get our message out to others in our community. That’s how this scholarship comes in to play.

How can I win this scholarship contest?

Members who forward or post online any of our daily scholarship emails, links or pages will become eligible to win. Every forward or post will count as an entry to the contest.

To increase your chances, share our emails and link with everyone you know. It really is that simple.

We are able to track your entries using modern marketing techniques. But you don’t have to worry about that, just start sharing to enter!

Where should I share these links, emails and/or pages?

You could post The Daily Scholarship homepage URL on your Facebook feed. You could tweet a link to a scholarship page on Twitter. You could forward our daily email to your friends and family. You could even share our logo on Pinterest or Instagram. These are just a few examples!

The winner of the Shout Out Scholarship will be announced on September 17, 2014. Good luck!

You must be a member to win. Not a member? Join now, it’s 100% free.

Please help us by sharing this website with your friends and family.