Pay-to-Play Sports

Pay-to-Play SportsImagine for a moment the significance of the following quote today, versus 10, 15 or 20 years ago by NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary:

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is?”

“The opportunity to play.”

Twenty, fifteen or even ten years ago, very few communities could relate to this quote because high school students were able to compete in athletics without worrying about money.

Today, many high schools are unable to cover these costs and unfortunately the list of schools that utilize “pay-to-play,” continues to grow each year.

For those that are not familiar, pay-to-play means that in order to compete in high school athletics, a student and/or his family must cover the financial burden.

Pay-to-play costs vary, based upon the school district and based upon the individual sport. It is very common for sports to cost anywhere from $75-$700 per year (and rising).

Examples of school systems in Northeast Ohio that have the pay to play system in place include Stow-Monroe Falls City Schools, Riverside City Schools in Painesville and Barberton City Schools.

We strive to help those individuals cover the costs of athletics as the last thing that we want is for students to not play sports as a result of the pay to play system.

Athletics provide young people with valuable skills such as how to become a leader, compete as a part of a team and deal with the adversity that comes during games and practices.

These are necessary life skills and it should not be discounted that competing on a team is a lasting memory for many individuals.

We look forward to working with students as well as the local high schools to provide scholarship opportunities to eliminate or alleviate the cost of pay-to-play sports.

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