Privacy Policy

All of the’s (or TDS) scholarship drawings are FREE and all information required to create a free account is used solely for the purpose of identifying more scholarship opportunities.

This information will never be provided to any business and any information that a specific business requires to enter their FREE scholarship drawing will be noted on the individual scholarship page.

TDS aspires to not only help families but also to help local businesses gain exposure through direct advertising and in some cases, e-mail marketing. As stated above, TDS member e-mails or other personal information will only be provided to the sponsoring company donating the scholarship if the said scholarship requires this information with entry.

Each scholarship states specifically what information is required and upon agreeing to enter said scholarship, the TDS member agrees to provide this information to the company sponsoring that specific scholarship.

All businesses will be recognized for their donation and also will pay TDS an agreed-upon fee for the cost of posting the scholarship(s)., your daily source for local scholarships.

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